LPF Club (Italy)
LPF won 1st season italian Group A with 34 points and 2nd season with 22 (6 teams group). LPF means Loggia del Pene Fritto. Top scorer of LPF is AndreaZap: with 20 goals he was most prolific striker of EVPA 1st season groups, while he scored 10 in second. LPF won an EVPA Cup and reached Champions 4th place eliminating Entourage and Good Boys being defeated by FC Gunners.
United Tuga (Portugal)
United Tuga is in first 10 place of FIFA ranking with more than 1100 matches played. United Tuga placed 2nd in both seasons group D with 34 and 33 points. Top scorer was Iruleds with 15 and 16 goals. Tugas qualified 2nd in CL group D with 7 points and lost the portugal derby against Avacalhation at 8/finals. Tugas won IV EVPA Cup in the final against FC Levski Sofia.
EVPA Matches since 11/2013: 2137
Rate of 12 Matches/Day. 1st SEASON Total Matches: 531 (448 in Groups, 32 Knockouts matches, 51 EVPA Cup matches); 2nd SEASON Total Matches: 906 (620 in Playoff Groups, 32 EVPA Cup matches, 30 Euro Cup matches, 192 Euro groups matches, 32 Euro knockouts matches); 3rd SEASON Total Matches: 700 (700 in Playoff Groups).
Entourage (Germany)
Entourage won 1st season german Group B with 34 points and 2nd season with 38. Entourage is the winner of 1st edition of EVPA Season and of III Evpa Cup. Top scorers of Entourage were Crnk with 7 goals and Hellus89 with 6 goals in 1st season, Crnk with 16 scores on 2nd season. Entourage won their Champions group with 16 points and lost the 8/final against LPF. Entourage is in first 30 teams of FIFA ranking.
Momba United FC (Portugal)
Mombas achieved 18 points in first EVPA season in Portugal group, missing the euro qualification. In the second season they gathered 22 points placing 3rd and qualifying for Champions groups, where they placed 3rd. Top scorer of Mombas is Momba_WaLk3r77, with 15 goals in 2nd season group. Momba partecipated to all four editions of EVPA Cup, their best result being the 3rd place in IV edition.

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